Thank you to Vallejo, CA's own Yhung T.O. for coming on my show for an interview! Yhung T.O. discussed his new album On My Momma 3: Angels & Demons, why he chose the On My Momma's to be a trilogy in his discography, and paying homage to Nelly's Luven Me on his song Ineffable. He talked about the impact that 2Pac and Nelly had on Hip-Hop. He gave his view point on the current sound of Hip-Hop in relation to the viral T-Pain video with certain rappers trying to sound like other rappers. He stressed the importance of looking up to the greats and using Nipsey Hussle as an inspiration to stay true to yourself and wanting to see everyone win. He also talked about the most important conversation that he had with a Hip-Hop legend besides Nipsey Hussle that included both E-40 and Snoop Dogg. He closed out the show reflecting on his memorable Coachella performance, recording Paramedic! for the Black Panther soundtrack, the upcoming performances that he has in the near future, and his upcoming project with Lil Sheik. Stay tuned!

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