Thank you to Jacksonville Duval County, Florida's own Seddy Hendrinx for coming on my show for an interview! Seddy talked about his new Gangsta Grillz mixtape Well Sed with DJ Drama, signing to Generation Now, and working with Fivio Foreign on Groovy. He discussed having an infatuation with death, believing that being homeless was a lesson from God to get him to where he is at now, and wanting to open up his own hospital to save lives. He got into meeting Drake, the advice that G Herbo gave him when they worked together on their song Run It Up, and his thoughts on taking artists' advice in reference to what T-Pain recently said. He also talked about why he felt as though he was a black hearted demon, his experience at the Atlanta FX Premiere, and still wanting to achieve getting a plaque as well as a million dollars this year.

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