Big thank you to Grammy nominated R&B singer and songwriter Rico Love for coming on my show for an interview! Rico Love discussed why Hip-Hop is the most important genre in music, why rappers receive the most criticism for having writers unlike singers, and writing poems at an early age as well as reciting Langston Hughes at the African American Children's Theater. He got into his experience in college at Florida A&M University, never losing a rap battle, meeting Jagged Edge, and connecting with The Corna Boyz, which eventually led him to getting signed by Usher. His first placement in the music industry was Usher's Throwback off of his classic album Confessions. We talked about his numerous amount of writing and production work, writing for his mentor Diddy, and having his own songwriting classes. He spoke about his hit song They Don't Know and knew that was going to be the song to put him on the map as an R&B singer. He also discussed creating his own label Division 1, his We Love Music Conference, being elected Vice Chair of the Grammys, and today's artists not caring/knowing about the legendary artists that came before them. Rico is currently working on a book that will be releasing soon that will focus on the ins and outs of the music business & songwriting. He is also starting to put together his next album, which may be Even Kings Die 2 as well as some scripts for movies and TV shows. Stay tuned!

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