Thank you to Berkeley, California and the Bay Area's own Rexx Life Raj for coming on my show for an interview! Rexx Life Raj talked about his new album The Blue Hour, going through grief from losing both of his parents in 2021, and creating this new album as a form of therapy to not only help himself, but others who are dealing with the loss of loved ones as well. He discussed questioning God after losing his parents, the importance of speaking to a therapist, and how his artistry has changed since the grief period. He got into playing football, tackle and guard, at Boise State University and the changes that football may eventually make due to players getting CTE. He also talked about going to middle and high school with G-Eazy, going through a bad depression phase after graduating from college, and working for free for his parents' package delivery service company. Rexx also spoke about getting his manager Ari, signing with Empire, DJ Kay Slay being the first major radio show that he freestyled on, and the importance of giving back to charity. Stay tuned for The Blue Hour Tour that Rexx Life Raj has lined up already coming to a city near you!

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