Shoutout to Trenton, NJ and Bristol, PA's own Rek Banga aka DaHoodRockStar for coming on my show for an interview! Rek Banga talked about his early life, writing raps at the age of 9 and while being in jail, and when he started to make his move into the music industry. He got into the hard times in the beginning of trying to prove himself to independent labels, finding a suitor in A Plus Muzic Group, and creating the sub-genre of Hip-Hop called Hood Rock. We discussed his most recent projects, including his newest Idgaf EP, It Is What It Was EP, Play Dead, and I Smell Blood. His list of goal collaborations include: 50 Cent, Marilyn Manson, and Young Thug. He spoke about going viral multiple times including his famous plane video and june bug challenge that Snoop Dogg posted. We also got into the clip that DJ Drewski posted on his Instagram of Rek crashing his MVMT interview at Hot 97. Stay tuned because Rek announced that he will be dropping an album this November or December!

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