I want to thank Ben Scrivens from Fright-Rags for calling into my show "Sports and Hip-Hop with DJ Mad Max" on WSJU Radio at St. John's University this past week! He talked about his love of horror movies starting at a young age and named his favorites. He discussed how he came up with the name Fright-Rags, his first designs, and upcoming releases! He wants to get his hands on the rights for Friday The 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street to create t-shirts for those classic slashers. Fright-Rags just released the 30th Anniversary collection for Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers. Their Crow collection has also released as well. Go checkout and get their horror apparel on their website: https://www.fright-rags.com/. Follow Fright-Rags on Instagram and Twitter: @frightrags. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter: @thereelmax. Website: https://maxrcoughlan.com/sports-and-hip-hop.html

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