Big thank you to Brooklyn, New York's own Maino for coming on my show for an interview! Maino discussed the new Lobby Boyz album, his I slap box the devil at night reference on the Lobby Boyz Anthem, and when he formed a brotherhood with Jim Jones to create their duo. He talked about the personal stories he told on the song Project Baby off of The Lobby Boyz album, how DJ Kay Slay helped him early on in his career, and Cormega putting him on Monsters Ball, in which that was the first album he was ever featured on. He got into his time with Universal Records, Tone from Trackmasters helping him get signed, and the story with Birdman being the reason why he left Atlantic Records. Maino spoke about portraying the shooter who shot 2Pac in the All Eyes On Me movie at Quad Studios, writing a show with his late friend Michael K Williams before he passed, and being the first NYC artist to work with Nipsey Hussle. He also gave his thoughts on the rappers being killed and going to jail for their song lyrics. Stay tuned for everything that Maino has on the way, including The Lobby Boyz tour!

The Lobby Boyz's debut album The Lobby Boyz is available on all music platforms, including Apple Music:

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