Big thank you to Brooklyn, New York’s own Kota the Friend for coming on my show for an interview! Kota talked about his new album MEMO, why it is his last album for awhile, and his upcoming Flight Night (NYC) shows at Sony Hall. He discussed the importance of his song Father’s Day, how each generation of father’s should be better than the last, and attending the Brooklyn High School of the Arts as well as going to Five Towns College for Trumpet. He got into starting out finding his style on Jay-Z In My Lifetime instrumentals, outselling headliners in Los Angeles, and when he understood his self-worth, in which he wanted to stay independent. Kota also talked about his Free Not Woke Podcast, Johnny Depp winning his case against Amber Heard bringing closure to what he faced in the past on social media, and what he has learned from going to therapy.

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