Thank you and shoutout to New Haven, Connecticut's own R&B singer Jaz for coming on my show for an interview! Jaz discussed his early life of growing up in CT, growing up in a music-oriented family, and when he started playing piano. He talked about signing with Musicbox Recording Group, wanting to be the superstar to put CT on the map on a national level, and Kevin Liles inviting him to perform and tell his story on his 300 ENT platform. Jaz got into the background of his name, working with Mansa on his song Cold Town, and wanting to make an acoustic album. He spoke about attending arts school and wanting to venture into acting as well. He announced that he has a lot of new music on the way. Stay tuned!

*** I apologize for the technical difficulties at the end of the interview. There was feedback on my end from the Zoom stream. ***

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