Big thank you to the Bronx, NY and Atlanta's own Headkrack for coming on my show for an interview! Headkrack talked about his early life of growing up in the Bronx, the start of his Hip-Hop career at his school Christ The King's talent show, and wanting to be an A&R before pivoting into the radio industry. He discussed getting into the radio industry, starting out at 98.7 The Beat in Dallas, being apart of Dish Nation, and meeting Da Brat for the first time. Headkrack got into his thoughts on Hip-Hop now, DJ Kool Herc taking him and his wife around clubs in New York City, and being invited to Tyrese's house while Rev. Run of Run-DMC was there. He gave his opinion on cancel culture and reinventing yourself in the entertainment industry. He also got into boxing being his current passion as well as his upcoming boxing match. Headkrack also talked about his upcoming Mikrodose EP, his Education Course Series, and his love of Horror movies. Stay tuned for all of Headkrack's upcoming singles and shows The Morning Hustle as well as Dish Nation!

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