Thank you to 2x Grammy Nominated R&B Singer and Songwriter Eric Roberson for coming on my show for an interview! Eric talked about his new album Lessons, his new book Lessons: 100 Thoughts on Life & Love, and when he started to believe that God was teaching him lessons at certain points of his life. He discussed his experience at Howard University's musical theater program, his deal with Warner Records and Island Records falling through, and how going back to college changed him as a person/artist. He got into being independent for 21 years with his own label B.L.U.E. ERRO SOUL, being on tour with El DeBarge, and paying homage to Kenny Greene on his song All I Want off of his new album Lessons. He also talked about teaching at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, the importance of picking up the pen on his worst days, and the two new books that he is currently working on. Stay tuned for everything that Eric Roberson has on the way!

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