Thank you and shoutout to DJ EFN for coming on my show for an interview! DJ EFN discussed his start in DJing, DJing on the University of Miami's WVUM, and the Miami Hip-Hop scene back in the day. He got into meeting Noreaga for the first time, their first show together called "Millitainment Crazy Raw Radio" that aired on Sirius XM, and how Drink Champs came together. He went through his favorite interviews on Drink Champs and the most shocking thing that he heard on the show thus far. DJ EFN confirmed that Drake has been scheduled to come on Drink Champs for awhile despite the picture that Noreaga posted on his Instagram with Drake recently. We got into the passing of DMX and his Drink Champs interview. We also talked about DJ EFN's new mixtape Miami's Mixtape King as well as the legendary Hip-Hop and producers that he has collaborated with over the years.

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This interview was pre-recorded on April 15th, 2021.

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