Thank you to super producer, 2015 Global Spin Award winner, and 1/2 of The Cool Kids Chuck Inglish for coming on my show for an interview! Chuck discussed his/The Cool Kids’ new albums BABY OIL STAIRCASE / CHILLOUT and BEFORE SHIT GOT WEIRD. He talked about his love of sneakers, his early life of growing up in Detroit, and wanting to play football at Michigan. He got into wanting to be an actor, auditioning for Ice Cube in Straight Outta Compton, and acting in Widows with Viola Davis and Liam Neeson. He also talked about The Cool Kids breaking up because the industry was sucking the fun out of the collaboration, getting back together with Sir Michael Rocks, and if fame is overrated. He also got into his relationship with the late great Mac Miller, social media being the focal point of the music industry right now, and that prominent artists work regular jobs behind the scenes. Chuck announced that The Cool Kids have a new album called Hi-Top Fade and a movie in the works. Stay tuned!

Chuck Inglish/The Cool Kids’ new album BEFORE SHIT GOT WEIRD is available on all platforms, including Apple Music: BEFORE SHIT GOT WEIRD by The Cool Kids

Chuck Inglish/The Cool Kids’ new album BABY OIL STAIRCASE / CHILLOUT is available on all platforms, including Apple Music: BABY OIL STAIRCASE / CHILLOUT by The Cool Kids, Chuck Inglish & Sir Michael Rocks

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