Thank you to Queens' own Bobby J From Rockaway and Detroit's own Hush for coming on my show for an interview! Bobby J and Hush discussed their new album 7182313, connecting back in the day via AOL chats, and when Hush noticed Bobby J's talent and wanted to work with him. Bobby J talked about what keeps him going, in which he keeps getting getter lyrically with time. Hush talked about his early beginnings of being apart of Da Ruckus, meeting Eminem for the first time, and being based loosely on the character of Wink in 8 Mile. Bobby J talked about his upcoming song with MC Serch called Round Here, his upcoming project with Nef, and when he will be ready to sign a major record deal. Hush also got into J. Dilla playing him Slum Village's Players before it released, The Game's Eminem Black Slim Shady Diss, and if Eminem should respond. Hush is also planning a new project with Bobby J as well as his first solo album since 2014. Stay tuned!

Hush and Bobby J From Rockaway's new album 7182313 is available on all platforms, including Apple Music:

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