Thank you to Texas and Atlanta's own R&B artist Ayanis for coming on my show for an interview! Ayanis talked about her newest single U Betta featuring Kalii, leaving Atlantic Records, and why she decided to go independent. She discussed being apart of The Musiq Committee, her record with Ne-Yo that she hopes to release soon, and not reaching the pinnacles that she's wanted to reach yet. She got into starting out singing in church, recording covers in her closet that would help get her discovered by Pendrick formerly known as Mello The Producer, and landing her deal with Atlantic Records. She also talked about the importance of validating yourself before others and her thoughts on if it is more difficult to make it or stay afloat once you make it in the entertainment industry. Ayanis announced that she will be dropping a new single produced by Bangladesh soon and will be performing at Moonstone Fest on October 29th in Birmingham, Alabama.

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